"Échale is a free and eclectic concert series that is pure reflection of Pearl's commitment and dedication to Latin American arts and culture that is so prevalent in the San Antonio community."

It was my very first time to Echalé, and I couldn't have begun to comprehend the amazingness of it until I lived it.  This year, the first Echalé landed on such a special day for us-Memorial Day.  Veterans, families, friends, and neighbors united in the masses to celebrate Latin culture and to remember those who have served our country.  We had food, booze, games, and shopping at The Historic Pearl located in San Antonio, Tx.  

This year was also the first all female line up!  Mariachi Las Altenas represented San Antonio with their beautiful and colorful outfits and 10 person band, while Mariachi Flor de La Toloache hailed all of the way from New York City with some fierce footwear and incredible gritos:)  Girl in a Coma graced our presence with an indie rock performance that solidified my girl crush on Nina Diaz, thankyouverymuch.

Botika, Granary Cue and Brew, and NAO supplied some delish eats that were washed down smoothly by chilled and dressed Dos Equis, Austin East Cider, and some special made sangria (that wasn't too sweet....yall know I cant do a sweet sangria!)

Here are just a few shots from this fantastic celebration!  The next Echalé is scheduled for September 2016- you can keep a look out for more info at The Historic Pearl's website here:

All images ©jessicagiesey 


Italy on FILM

I sometimes almost forget how beautiful images turn out on film.  SHAME ON ME!  Yes it is expensive, yes you have to wait 2 days-4 weeks to see the images...but my goodness it is so worth it!

These are mostly straight from camera, a slight crop here and there, but the colors are real.  This is why I fell in love with photography....

Cinque Terre 2015


Ive Been a Busy Bee

I have been so amazingly busy with new clients, and also my own projects! Here are a few photos from the Rockport Art Festival this past weekend July 4th and 5th! I had the pleasure and honor of having a booth where I sold my fine art archival prints and mixed media pieces. It was a few long days in the heat but so worth it!  Rockport Art Festival is the oldest operating Fine Art Festival in Texas!




Recently Ive been taking my trusty little FM10 with me everywhere! Here are a few from the last week:)  I'm still waiting on my film from Chicago, its been 3 weeks...

It forces you to slow down and think about what you want from the photograph, what angle, what noise, what crop, what exposure, what mood.  Its all up to you in that moment, which i absolutely love.  A manual camera and film make you work for it.

Straight from camera, no adjustments whatsoever:)

HEB Paella Challenge 2015

My friends are so very talented!!!

I was asked by a dear friend and talented chef Charlotte Samuel to come out and photograph her and her crew during their Paella Challenge.  Here are some of the many images I captured of the amazingly talented chef and crew!!


SCROLL though using the arrow keys::)

Its the New Year, and You Need a New Photo!

We see images every day, all day, tens of thousands.  However, if you are a business owner, a chef, realtor, an artist, an author, a creative firm, etc, you most likely have some marketing you need to do.

Hair Stylist, NYC

Hair Stylist, NYC


That is where I come in :)  A simple, professional, high quality photo can be one of the main reasons a potential client hires you or your services.  

We all do it.  Searching for a realtor, a stylist, a restaurant, doctor, lawyer, even a photographer!  That one bio photo will make the first impression on that client within 5 seconds.  Do you look approachable?  Friendly?  Trustworthy?  Current?  Do you have a high quality photo that represents you and your personality that is NOT an iPhone selfie or a pic from a party?  Potential clients will lean towards choosing someone with a professional online presence.  Do you have the same photo across all your social media and marketing platforms?  It is much easier for a client to recognize that one professional image, rather than 4-5 different photos.  This is the way our society is geared at the moment, and doesn't look to be changing any time soon.

The one thing I hear the most from my executive clients  is "WOW. That was painless.  I look pretty good!"

If I can show someone how good they can look in their photo, and bring out that personality, I have done my job:)

Contact me for any questions or to book an appointment.  Now is the time to make your presence known!


Jessica Giesey

Fine Art Prints for Sale!

All signs point to yes....

It is now time to sell my work.  I never thought I could before, and to be honest I never really wanted to because the art I was creating was for me, not anyone else.  

However, over the last 6 months or so I have found that I really LOVE to make people feel good by looking at an image I have created.  It could be something as simple as the color palette, or the framing or the photo.  It could also represent something to someone that I could never imagine.

So alas, I have prints online for sale!  I will be adding more very soon.  Currently my Mirrors collection is up here:

Shop Local SA!!!