Its the New Year, and You Need a New Photo!

We see images every day, all day, tens of thousands.  However, if you are a business owner, a chef, realtor, an artist, an author, a creative firm, etc, you most likely have some marketing you need to do.

Hair Stylist, NYC

Hair Stylist, NYC


That is where I come in :)  A simple, professional, high quality photo can be one of the main reasons a potential client hires you or your services.  

We all do it.  Searching for a realtor, a stylist, a restaurant, doctor, lawyer, even a photographer!  That one bio photo will make the first impression on that client within 5 seconds.  Do you look approachable?  Friendly?  Trustworthy?  Current?  Do you have a high quality photo that represents you and your personality that is NOT an iPhone selfie or a pic from a party?  Potential clients will lean towards choosing someone with a professional online presence.  Do you have the same photo across all your social media and marketing platforms?  It is much easier for a client to recognize that one professional image, rather than 4-5 different photos.  This is the way our society is geared at the moment, and doesn't look to be changing any time soon.

The one thing I hear the most from my executive clients  is "WOW. That was painless.  I look pretty good!"

If I can show someone how good they can look in their photo, and bring out that personality, I have done my job:)

Contact me for any questions or to book an appointment.  Now is the time to make your presence known!


Jessica Giesey