I am always SUPER excited when I have a client that works with food.  Not only do I love product shoots in general, but there is something super special about it.  Because, it IS an art.  It makes it more challenging for me as a photographer to try and figure out how to represent the client with pictures of their art, FOOD!

It takes a lot of work, and many pieces come together in the end in order to create the final image. You cant just throw the food on a plate and hope for the best!   You have to be super creative and aware of background, color, garnish, texture, and surface.  You never want to overpower the food by things such as a distracting background, or an icky florescent light.  

Here, we used many surfaces, garnishes, natural light and added light modification in order to add depth to the photos.  I think they turned out beautiful and simple.  Elegant and organic, which perfectly describes The Bees Knees Catering Company.