Well, I could say that it was easy peasy.  I could say that it was NBD to hop on a plane and travel to CHI-town (one of my all time fave towns) to photograph some oh-so-stunning interiors for interior designer Layne Jones Postillion of The Jones Fix...

BUT, it was BIG DEAL and it was a lot of work-work that was wayyyyy to much fun.  We totaled 6 shoots (and locations) in 2.5 days, staging, dragging plants, pictures, mirrors (among many other items), in and out of houses (and up and down a 3 story walk up as well:))  I was so inspired by everything Layne showed me she had created.  I can honestly say that her style is versatile- she can create almost any room for any client.  Proper, boho, preppy, dark, light, playful-all of it.  I am truly grateful to have met Layne and I am so thankful for her trusting me to capture her creations-that is the ultimate compliment!  

I am now offering interior photography services-stylized photo sessions avec moi to capture the attitude and elements of your space!  Email contact@jessicagiesey.com for pricing and details:)  

If you or anyone in Chicago needs some updates in the home, you should give Layne a shout(thejonesfix.com).  Not only is she incredibly talented, she is also a BLAST!  Click on thumbnails below to check out some of her work-


Xx Jess